Process & Technology

Build the right thing
Build the thing right

We focus on business driven development and building quality into our solutions.

Achieving your mission starts with an actionable strategic plan.

We partner with our clients to develop a holistic strategy and executable plan for realizing a vision and achieving a mission. Our internal delivery process transforms strategy into focused execution and emphasizes building quality into solutions through technology and innovation.

Our Process

  • Strategic Planning
    • Fully understand your business objectives/needs
    • Creatively design/implement solutions that will scale and evolve in an ever-changing landscape
    • Collaboratively communicate, track and deliver to strategic plans
  • Focused Execution
    • Counterpointe Kanban Delivery Lifecycle Overview
    • Why We Use Kanban
    • The Benefits of using Kanban
  • Technology and Innovation
    • Business Driven Development / Test Driven Development
    • User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Design
    • Advanced Architecture Approaches
    • Emerging Technology
    • Dev Ops

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Strategic Planning

Fully understand your business objectives/needs

We recognize how easy it is to fall in love with a solution that may address current stakeholder and end user needs, only to find that the solution does not address the underlying business objective. What makes our team different is that challenge ignites us - we are passionate about truly understanding our client's business needs and their organizational objectives. We leverage this knowledge to deliver solutions that go beyond basic functionality, crafting a "big picture" view to address the heart of the user's pain points and provide demonstrable results.

Creatively design/implement solutions that will scale and evolve in an ever-changing landscape

Our solutions are designed to support your business strategy, goals, and end user needs and architected to provide:

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Modularized frameworks and components resulting in reusability
  • Common code base for more efficient code maintenance
  • Use of open standards for interoperability
  • Robust infrastructure using virtualization technologies and cloud services for scalability and high availability

We implement solutions that meet your current, future and emerging needs so that as your mission evolves, your solutions evolve with you.

Collaboratively communicate, track and deliver to strategic plans

We work collaboratively and transparently with our clients to deliver solutions that work. Our delivery team includes premier experts that will apply the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to successfully manage strategically while executing tactically. This ensures we hit short run, mid run and long run goals for your organization.

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Focused Execution

Counterpointe Kanban Delivery Lifecycle Overview

We are passionate about focused execution through disciplined process. We differentiate ourselves with our truly agile delivery mechanism that focuses on collaborating with our clients to ensure we build the right thing. This starts with a discussion with our client and stakeholders to understand their business drivers and end user needs and continues throughout execution cycles as we iteratively build, demo, and deliver.

Our mature Kanban methodology underpins all our efforts by proactively putting the focus on building quality into our systems (rather than testing defects out). We ensure we build the thing right through our expert knowledge and implementation of technology and innovation.

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Why We Use Kanban

Studies show that people are more efficient at getting tasks done if they can focus on only a few tasks at once, as opposed to being forced to task-switch throughout the day. Our Kanban approach allow us to visually see work in progress, instantly understand impediments and take steps to remove them, improves communication across our team, and inspires team collaboration. This enables our teams to stay lean, be more productive and work smarter.

The Benefits of Using Kanban

Kanban has helped our teams become more productive while reducing the amount of workload stress project managers, developers, and team members feel during a project lifecycle. By focusing on properly scoped and prioritized features, we are able to rapidly deliver critical business functionality to our end users through our Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. Our focused execution has resulted in:

  • Increased transparency and team collaboration
  • Reduced waste and overhead
  • Improved overall efficiency and productivity

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Technology and Innovation

Business Driven Development / Test Driven Development

Author requirements based on business scenarios in a manner that are bound to automated test cases. Resulting test suites enable our deliverables to move at an increasingly fast pace by ensuring that new changes do not negatively impact existing functionality, a scenario that often limits a program's ability to react to change as it ages.

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Design

Leverage Material Design principles to provide a positive and intuitive user experience across web and mobile platforms. Resulting user-centered approach ensures that user needs are incorporated into the life cycle of the application, stre amlines user adoption by providing a delightful user experience and reduces training costs through innovative design.

Advanced Architecture Approaches

Employ model driven architecture concepts across project efforts to quickly fuse together key open source libraries (e.g. Spring, JAX-RS, and JPA), and generate cohesive application architectures that follow industry best practices. Resulting foun dational scaffolding allows us to efficiently maintain highly consistent system architectures and focus on building critical user functionality.

Emerging Technology

Demonstrated success in leveraging next generation technology, such as Vega and D3.js, to develop dashboarding and data visualizations and Angular, Flutter and Material Design principles to develop mobile online and offline solutions.

Dev Ops

Combine best of breed DevOps and configuration management tools to increase software delivery velocity by establishing highly repeatable and automated environment deployment and configuration capabilities. Resulting infrastructure allows us to spend more time focusing on building business functionality.

We utilize containerization and provisioning platforms, such as Docker, Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), and Vagrant, alongside continuous integration tools, such as Jenkins, to automatically provision, configure, and deploy solution architectures in a consistent, repeatable manner across all environments.