Who We Are

We Accept
the Challenge

We Accept the Challenge

We design and build solutions that transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

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Our Beginnings

When It All Started

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Founded in 2005, Counterpointe is a passionate team of consultants, analysts, software developers and technology experts headquartered in McLean, VA.

Our values guide us in our daily work, and we hold ourselves and each other accountable to respect, team focus, and continuous improvement.

Our corporate principles drive how we strengthen and grow our company over time.

Our People, Values and Principles

We Build People
Not Just Solutions

Mentoring and Teamwork

Our People


We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of business and technology to challenge the norms and drive change.


We are here to create remarkable experiences. We get things done. Above all, we have passion for what we do, and we are proud of what we accomplish. We are relentless and driven.


Committed, driven, and determined. Every member of our team proudly takes ownership of their work and personal development.

Individual Character

More than skill, drive, or experience, great work is rooted in character. Hiring the right people and investing in personal development is essential to our growth.

Constant Growth

Growth and learning is in our DNA. Each member is dedicated to continuous improvement and pushing themselves to always be better.

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Our Values


We treat all people with dignity and value the collective power of teamwork.

Team Focus

We are always willing to help. We mentor and educate. We are always setting people up for success.

Continuous Improvement

Our curiosity sparks an endless appetite for learning. We can always be better. We are always pursuing growth on all levels and fronts.

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Our Corporate Principles

It's all about people

Always is and always will be. People matter more than anything. We care about those we work with and those we serve. We are all about building trust-based relationships and establishing win-win partnerships. We establish a pace that is fast, but sustainable - not focusing on our partnerships winning the next lap, but creating a dynasty team that delivers continuous wins.

We envision BIG and start small

We are not about small thinking, but we're all about small starts. We are responsible risk-takers. We try new things without losing focus on what really matters. We know that greatness comes from caring about the little day-to-day things. This helps us move fast.

We can do a lot more by doing less, better and faster

We always bring our best. It's focused excellence. Validated learning allows us to do more in a better, faster manner.

We will laugh hard, loud, and often

When you are passionate about your work and enjoy the people you work with, work is fun.

Our Team

Get To Know Us

Alvin Chun profile

Alvin Chun


Tina deWit profile

Tina de Wit

VP of Operations and Delivery

Matt Puckett profile

Matt Puckett

VP of Finance and HR

Amy Wenderlich profile

Amy Wenderlich

VP of Strategic Innovation

Nick Artieri profile

Nick Artieri

Director of Business and Employee Growth

Danny Tang profile

Danny Tang

Director of Technology, Operations and Delivery

Armando Alvarado profile

Armando Alvarado

Software Developer

Scott Ashcraft profile

Scott Ashcraft

Business Analyst

Isaac Beccera-Llanos profile

Isaac Beccera-Llanos

Software Developer

Sneha Chelamcherla profile

Sneha Chelamcherla

Software Developer

Lauren Chiles profile

Lauren Chiles

Business Analyst

Aaron Gary profile

Aaron Gary

Software Developer

Adam Gaudet profile

Adam Gaudet

Software Developer

Nadejda Koytcheva profile

Nadejda Koytcheva

Project Manager

Colin Palmer profile

Colin Palmer

Software Developer

Emily Wilkins profile

Emily Wilkins

Software Developer

Christine Willett profile

Christine Willett

Business Analyst

Our Truths

Things You Should Know About Us

Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. We help forward-thinking clients succeed in a digital culture. Together we face the challenges and celebrate the victories.


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Our Culture

Life At Counterpointe

Work-life balance is an essential part of our culture here at Counterpointe. We value hard work but we make sure to take time to celebrate successes.

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